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Mare'ka, Inc. 

Advanced Enzyme Therapy


Food-Combining for Permanent Weight Loss


 Insider Anti-Aging Secrets


 Diet Design to Cleanse &     

 Tone Specific Organs


 Full Nutrition Analysis,

 Blood Work, and Urinalysis available per client 


 Cancer Prevention Protocol


 Alcohol Refinement


 Custom Elixirs & Tonics for any and all symptoms


Easy Homemade Protein Bars for everyday 

The goal of this business has always been to bring those disoriented by great stresses in life back into balance.
I share naturopathic knowledge of foods, herbs, and systems to help clients ward off all kinds of issues. Most importantly, I'll show you how to strengthen the powerful immunity within your own digestion.  I'm able to correct many oversights by medical doctors and therapists who neglect to do the right tests and address the body, functionally. These simple changes shift mental health, reverse aging and chronic disease. There are, absolutely, correct ways to eat and drink that allow you to heal and remain balanced for a LIFETIME, without the use of pharmaceuticals.
Your diet is EVERYTHING. These solutions are cultivated for people with very busy and creative lives. My aim is to meld the dietary wisdom of traditional cultures, with the latest in integrative and functional medicine to create plans for clients that work in the modern world.


The first year running my organic juice/cocktail bar on Ventura Blvd. was super busy. Customers came into the bar with issues and problems every day. The simple questions I’d ask... How do you feel? and how do you want to feel?  Therein began a devout study for me over the years, with Taoist Herbalists, Super Food Gurus and Lecturers, other Nutritionists, Cleanse and Detox Specialists, Chefs, Oncologists, and Vitamin Store owners. All their knowledge became my knowledge through invaluable hands-on training, way beyond textbooks.  We found answers for almost everyone who walked through the door. Most importantly, people left feeling better than when they walked in… Which was the point of my bar…. and a profound joy of mine. 


After becoming a Reiki Master at 17, I found I was more sensitive to the energy of foods, of people and environments. I'm a Registered Nutritionist with a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from the University of Hawaii.  I studied Chinese herbology while cooking my way through college for a husband and wife acupuncturist & chiropractor.  Upon moving to Los Angeles, I opened the first organic juice & martini bar in Studio City where everything took a turn toward lifestyle branding and holistic health. We had Master Herbalist Dean Thomas of Shaman Shack run the Tonic Bar. We completed 3 and 5 day Detox Cleanses for hundreds of clients all over Los Angeles.


It all turned into a private nutrition practice after years of word of mouth support. I still enjoy handcrafting tonics for clients based on their symptoms.


Please don't hesitate to reach out. I've been able to help some of those with the most accute, inflammatory conditions.



From My Kitchen.....




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