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Flush Nicotine Out Of Your System

To cleanse nicotine out of the system there are lots of foods to eat. The best foods to consume in large quantities are carrot juice, kiwis, broccoli, spinach, and oranges.

Kiwi fruit is a rich source of vitamins A, C and E. When you smoke, the levels of these vitamins reduce.

Carrot juice is good for the skin, and it rich in vitamins A, C, K and B, that are proven to be efficient in removing the nicotine from the body. Broccoli is high in B's and Vitamin C.

As a matter of fact, lets get into the B vitamin flush, Niacin! High levels of Vitamin B-3 or Niacin will burst open fat cells. What comes flooding out are essential fatty acids but also all the toxic junk that is stored in our fatty tissues. This is anything from heavy metals, to alcohol, to agent orange, to household cleaning toxins, to BPA, to residual toxins from drug use, and Nicotine. It's your job, once those toxins have been released from their fat stores, to allow them to exit the body safely without going back into fat cells or up to the brain. The brain is primarily composed of fat. When heavy metals and toxins are absorbed there is when we may see autism or alzheimers start to develop, as it is a slowing down of the brain and nervous system due to toxic congestion. These are more complex issues, however.

There are a couple of options to rid the body of these newly release toxins. I prefer both. The toxins will leave either through the GI tract or the skin. So sweat sweat sweat! Go to a sauna and work out. Then... take activated charcoal. It will absorb the toxins through the blood and on the intestinal wall and pull them right out of you. This flush is so strong you will pass a drug test 48 hours later.

Email me for details on how much of the niacin and charcoal to take, or you can look it up online. It's all there for us. Be safe. Happy New Year and Happy Detoxing. :)


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