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You've entered the Fight of your life and 95% of the population will not win.

Living and Eating in America is very, very Tricky.

Unusual symptoms doctors don’t understand, auto-immune diseases, rare long term inflammatory conditions left behind by viruses.

The daily riot to get enough micro-nutrition is complex enough, without having to fend off new issues. Optimal Health isn't an option for people any longer, no matter how young you are. Chronic inflammatory disorders and food allergies are hitting people younger and younger, now in their early 20's. Doctors are largely unfamiliar with the microbiome and its millions of species of bacteria that make up our immunity, so how can we expect them to prevent practices that destroy these vital organisms.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite, almost everything the medical establishment suggests is absolutely destructive to our body’s first lines of defense, gut health. Antibiotics, vaccines, foods approved by the FDA but banned all over the world like sugar free chemicals, acid blockers, statins, chemotherapy, NSAID’s, as well as an insurmountable refined carb, refined sugar, refined oil intake they almost never address. They also don’t remind people of the debilitating effect stress has on our immunity. The list goes on and on….

Most people in America have a form of Leaky Gut or IBS. That's a fact. Your symptoms will come and go, periodically, without you having a full blown diagnosis. This is usually based on what you've been indulging in. By the time you are diagnosed by your doctor, your anti-bodies are SO high there's not much your doctor can do for you except say you have metabolic syndrome or an auto-immune disorder, and then put you on a pharmaceutical. The drug, usually a steroid of some kind, will repress your immune system to prevent attacking you on a daily basis. The result is Systemic Inflammation and feeling different forms of BAD all the time. It took a while to get you there. You've actually had phases of IBS for years.

You knew something was off...

Tricky... right?

As a nutritionist, I can tell you that all the same foods:

-Heal the Thyroid

-Balance Hormones

-Lower Cholesterol

-Destroy Cancer

-Heal the Adrenal Glands (for energy)

-Clean the Liver

-Build the Microbiome

What's the problem then?

We don't eat these foods everyday.

Sometimes, we don't eat them at all.

You might have become someone with chronic issues, while trying to eat better, who is now ALLERGIC TO EVERYTHING.

Foods that were once great for kidneys, like cabbage and cauliflower, are bad for your imbalanced thyroid and may cause goiter. Apples and onions, terrific for the liver, have become super reactive for your IBS.

You protect your heart by eating foods really high in magnesium, like dark chocolate, but this completely messes with your adrenals and hormones if eaten everyday.

Foods meant to purify and alkalize your system like spinach and kale are really high in oxalates. If you have chronic inflammation, the oxalates in spinach and kale will add to your pain and inflammation, as will nightshades, like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.

Oh my. Now you can't even eat healthy foods. It seems you can't eat ANYTHING anymore.

Sound familiar?

Here's a protocol to bring your entire body back to balance so that every food you eat will work FOR you, not against you.

1. You have to COOK (heat) at home from scratch one meal per day. This MUST become a routine. If not during the day, then one meal at night. If not at night, then when you wake up. You must also take time to juice fresh fruits and vegetables for the sake of your pancreas. Your pancreas spits out the enzymes that allow you to break your food down. The more processed, refined food you eat, the harder your pancreas has to work. When you drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice, your pancreas does not have to work, it's strengthened. Most people are overweight, fatigued, and in pain because they are too busy and tired to eat better. This is an ironic conflict. Something has to give, or your body will just keep taking the hit. Which leads right into point 2.

2. Your body has to become a Friend Of Yours. A damn good friend. Otherwise, you wont care how it's treated. You'll eat and drink whatever, because you're over-tired, lazy or hungry. There is no transformation, no healing, no happiness, no success without your body becoming a Very Good Friend Of Yours, the best even. You have to spend time and nurture this friendship the way you would any other good friendship. Exercise, sweat, walk in nature, hit the sauna, take baths, resistance train to build muscle. Just You and Your Self. Which leads me into point 3.

3. You can have a perfect diet, exercise, and still be in a lot of pain. I'm treating a 24 year old client like that now. Why? Due to underlying emotional, if not spiritual, issues.

Your Body Speaks Your Mind.

I hope you don't mind if I repeat that again. Your Body Speaks Your Mind.

It's a biggie. If you are having issues with, feeling a Purpose to your life, with Happiness, with your Will-Power, with Control or Being Controlled, or with the raw power and energy you need to move through the world and get your needs met. It is likely you will have issues with the power it takes to metabolize and properly digest foods that make you healthy and strong. Strength and stamina comes from your digestion, your core, your gut, which is your immune system. Strength also comes from spiritual and emotional power. The two are related, digestion and emotional power. They should be friends to be able to heal you and keep you whole, no matter what curve ball life throws. A perfect diet with perfect supplements won't heal you if your life is high stress everyday, if you live in a constant emotional crisis, or if you are out of sync with yourself and your environment.


The Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Aging Diet Plan:

*Organic, grass fed, cage free, hormone and antibiotic-free Protein Sources: 20-45 grams per day depending on your gender and weight.

*Healthy Fat: HIGH intake such as Avocados, Chia Seeds, Wild Salmon Omega 3's, Coconut Oil,

1,500 calories: About 58–67 grams of fat per day.

2,000 calories: About 78–89 grams of fat per day.

2,500 calories: About 97–111 grams of fat per day.

*Starches: Under 25 grams of carbohydrates per day including organic breads that are sprouted or gluten free, all other grains should be sprouted.

*Vegetables and FIBER: minimum of 10 servings per day (avoid vegetables that are high density carbohydrates such as corn and potatoes.)

*Raw Nuts: 1-2 servings per day (particularly almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and brazil nuts.)

*Fruit: Use Sparingly with the under 25 grams of carbs rule.

*Sweetener: Stevia or honey.

*Coffee: 1-2 cups per day maximum. Unlimited decaf herbal tea.

*Oils: No other oils than Coconut Oil and Olive Oil (When dining out, ask them to cook your food in butter to avoid transfat Omega 6 Oils going rancid when heated)

*Alcohol: 1 glass of red wine daily is okay.

AVOID: Sugar, fruit juice, refined carbs, foods labeled as “low fat,” high starch vegetables, white potatoes, corn, and all processed meats and processed foods.


The brand of your choice is fine as long as it's of a trusted quality. These supplements are crucial. I have a few brand suggestions here.

• PhytoMulti by Metagenics Multivitamin (Two tablets a day with food)

• OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 by Metagenics Fish Oil (Two soft gels twice a day with food)

• Vitamin D3 1000 IU by Pure Encapsulations (Two capsules twice a day with food)

• Prebiotics to build the microbiome, Dr. Gundrys, PrebioThrive

• Kelp (for Iodine and thyroid)

• Magnesium (80% of Americans are deficient in this crucial alkalizing mineral)

6. Food Combining is Key.

'Try to eat meats and fats together at meals. You can combine and recombine these two food types all you want, but not with anything else. Eat your fats with meats, or with any other proteins - like fish, eggs or cheese. In fact, you must be sure to eat fats with meat. They not only can be combined, but they Must be combined. Primitive man did not eat fat or meat with carbohydrates. Foods contained the fats in animal meats; but in millions of years man never found lumps of pure fat attached to any vegetable (carbohydrate) food. As man evolved, he never needed to digest fats and starches at the same meal - he never developed such a mechanism - and today we still haven't any.

Do not combine pure fats (butter, cream, bacon fat) with high starches (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, cereal, sweets) at any one meal. FYI, when I mention bacon fat, no one can break down pork anyway. Pork is terrible stuff for the body.' (15.)

-Don't combine acids with carbohydrates. For example, don't mix buttermilk, orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice or vinegar at any meal that also includes high starches and sugars.

-Do not combine proteins (meat, fish, eggs or cheese) with starches (potatoes, cereals, breads, sweets) at the same meal.'

Try these key combinations for one month and you'll start to feel SO much better.

7. Enzyme Therapy and L-Glutamine

Please message me for more information on these two crucial digestive components that modulate the entire immune system. Digestive enzyme therapy heals and restores all systems and organs in the body and the critical amino acid L-Glutamine heals the skin lining in the intestines.

To wrap up:

Overcoming the trickiest of food situations while living in America where we are poisoned on a daily basis, IS Possible.

When you come through this journey towards wholeness and out the other side, you will be a changed and transformed person. You will be able to see ALL the reasons why things didn't work before, for all those years. Be patient with yourself and your body. It's worth it.

The journey is just as enlightening as the final destination. To your journey....


(15.) The Food Combining material quoted above is derived from work published by Howard Hay, M.D., Daniel C. Monro, M.D., L.M. Rogers, M.D. and George Goodheart, D.C.’s observations from over fifty years in practice.

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